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Marital strife. Co-parenting arguments. Divorce. Modifications. Child custody. Child support calculations. Just the thought of them creates anxiety, worry, and stress.

Whenever you have a situation that involves conflict and/or a court process, it is hard to place the true value on financial and time costs that will occur, usually in the thousands of dollars because cases often take months, if not years, to settle. And conflicts that could be resolved, sometimes turn into cases. 


Mediate & Restore offers an alternative. Let us help you go through this process and come out the other side with dignity. 

Marital Mediation

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Divorce/Custody Mediation


Divorce mediation removes the adversarial component of the traditional litigation design and replaces it with negotiated solutions. Participants have the advantage of discreetly and confidentially voicing their concerns and positions with complete openness.


We, at Mediate and Restore, utilize interest-based negotiations/ mediations to help our participants reach an agreement. Interest-based negotiations focus on substantive positions and the relationship. Since participants work interdependently, the objective is to reach a mutually acceptable outcome. The interest of both participants is met.


We are trained to facilitate conversations and negotiations between high conflict relationships. Our goal is to help the participants realize common ground, find agreements, and resolve issues productively. This is especially beneficial when children are involved. Because participants with children must co-parent after the divorce is finalized, it is important to start this new chapter displaying cooperation, free of anger and resentment.

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Family Law

Divorce mediation agreements are tailored to you and your family’s lifestyle, wishes, and needs. Mediation allows you the flexibility to find creative solutions. Although we encourage you to seek legal advice, as these interest-based, mediated agreements are determined by you, not attorneys or the courts, they are more likely to be adhered to. Since mediated agreements are more likely to be adhered to, this minimizes the chances of modification actions.


Mediation is cost-effective. Litigated cases can last for months or sometimes years. A typical case for Mediate and Restore is resolved within 12 hours or less. You, the participant, dictate the pace and topics. We strive to mitigate both emotional and monetary costs.

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Marital Mediation

Family / Marital Mediation is a growing practice. It was designed to help families and marriages specifically to either stay married, stay communicating or build a healthy family. Family / Marital Mediation is not counseling or therapy. Here is a great article defining Marital Mediation or Marital Counseling.

Mediation is a facilitated method of dispute resolution. Family / Marital Mediation focuses on practical solutions. 


By using standard mediation techniques such as reframing, expressing interests and needs, and learning how to use active listening, faulty communications can be changed and angry interchanges can be lessened. This will make a couple feel good about each other again, thereby furthering and preserving the marital relationship.

In addition, marital mediators generally have experience in the financial matters relevant to marriages. These financial disputes can

cause great distress and bitterness in a marriage. Financial matters can be addressed directly with the mediator who can analyze the financial data, and bring in experts where needed.

Mediation is short-term, practical, and addresses concrete problems and communication difficulties. It is not therapy and does not delve deeply into family backgrounds or personal issues. It helps spouses negotiate issues that they are unable to handle directly with each other. It gives them tools to use at home when the mediator is not around anymore.


Mediation models better ways of communication when spouses are in conflict over important issues, or even where there are petty disagreements. Standard mediation practices such as reframing and active listening work well in marriages. Marital mediation often works to help a marriage at times when other methods have failed.


Sometimes married couples (or one of the spouses) has a great resistance entering into marital counseling. Marital mediation is a good option for these couples to get the help they want. Marital mediation can help the marriage survive through a difficult time, and the parties have a new chance and can use mediation (or other methods) in the future if they so choose.

Marital Medation
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