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Ask us about our convenient HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing Sessions. You may now utilize mediation

from the comfort and privacy of your own home!

We are a Conflict Resolution Firm that utilizes mediation and negotiation to help you navigate through Workplace, Corporate, and Family Law issues

Benefits of Mediation

From guiding you through conflicts and providing insight into your hardest issues, Mediate and Restore is committed to your success.

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Picture of Erin Mace

Erin Mace, CFE, Mediator, BA Criminal Justice 

Meet Erin, CFE

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Association of Missouri Mediators

BA, Criminal Justice

While working as a paralegal, Erin often noticed a disconnect between the client’s real-life needs and the final settlement agreement. By necessity, the legal system takes the complexities of a case and boils them down to details and facts on a page; during this process, people are almost always forgotten. Typical results from this process were frustration, further litigation, and extra expenses.


So, Erin found a solution: Mediation. As a mediator, Erin works with both parties to find the fairest and most productive agreement that fits their needs. Because people matter, these agreements are and will always be individualized to fit each party’s needs. Erin does not believe in only option one or two; her experience and conflict resolution skills allow her to find the third option. That extra step distinguishes her from other mediators.


“As a mediator, I’m not here to impose my advice. That means I listen. I listen to what my clients are saying and what they’re not saying because I’m here for them and their agreement”.


When she isn't mediating, you will likely find Erin rowing, fly fishing, or mountain biking with her husband and son.


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